Folgendes Schreiben erreichte uns von unserer Distilleria Aquileia bzgl. des Fortschrittes beim Grappa:
Dear Mr. Ralf Weinkauff,
we have worked since 20 years with the authorizations that allowed us to export.
In March 2023 the Customs Office of Udine forbade us to work in this way and this with non-legal reasons (against the current law).
We knew to be right, but it was necessary to take legal action with very long time to have an achievement: from 2 to 3 years.
Meanwhile we tried to find some solutions that could avoid a conflict.
From a meeting we had with an high Customs officer, who understood our reasons (reasons supported by the law), it would seem we could reach a solution, always working with the same authorizations already used (in fact this procedure has never been abrogated).
We kindly ask you for patience so as everything will return to normality.
We thank you for your attention.
Alessandro Comar  
 Distilleria Aquileia

di Flavio Comar Srl.

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